Pre-college Programs and Activities for Pre-K through 12th Graders

Biotechnology Outreach Education Program

The Biotechnology Outreach Education Center offers hands-on laboratory experiences and bioethics activities for K-12 students through college age and adults. Students can visit the center for an hour or two as part of a field trip or participate in multiple-day workshops. College instructors preparing students for teaching careers in agriculture, biology, or family and consumer sciences have made the center part of their pre-service programs.

Program Characteristics

Targeted Age Groups: 3rd-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade, 9th-12th Grade, K-2nd Grade
Topic Categories: Agriculture, Computers, Math & Science, STEM

Contact Information

Mr. Mike Zeller
Office of Biotechnology

Program Web site
Program E-mail

Available Sessions

Continuous Program
College credit available
Summer program
Possible overnight stay
Program Cost: $0

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