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Pre-college Programs and Activities for Pre-K through 12th Graders

Learning is made fun for students of all ages through Iowa State's Programs for Youth. Each year, Iowa State hosts students for field trips, summer camps, and other enrichment experiences both on and off campus. This website gives parents, educators, and pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students a chance to learn about the youth programs available through Iowa State University.

Iowa State University has a set of policies and procedures in place to protect the safety and welfare of youth participating in programs sponsored by ISU or occurring on ISU property. These policies include background check requirements for individuals working or volunteering with youth, emergency procedures orientations for youth programs, and other variety of other safety topics (such as transportation, youth/adult ratios, etc.). The programs listed below are all registered with the university and operate under these policies. Questions about youth safety policies or procedures may be directed to the Office of Risk Management.

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